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Hi! Ruth Ann here, I would like to give you some information about myself and how I ended up showing and breeding dogs.  My hubby, Danny Fords information is down on the page a little bit. 

Interest in animal’s runsRuth Ann with Imported Russian Toys Manya & Mila deep in my veins.  My grandparents were Texas Hill Country Ranchers keeping and breeding Cows, Goats, Sheep, and Ponies on the family owned “Running M Ranch”. As a child my brothers and I helped under their guidance with the care of the animals and some aspects of animal husbandry. I entered my first horse show at the age of 4.

 My Grandfathers dog of choice was the Border Collie, but not just any Border Collie would do for him.  Understanding the need for breeding breed type and herding traits in 1958 he imported his top Border Collie from Scotland. This dog was trained in competition herding.  My first knowledge of breeding good dogs is attributed to my grandfather’s patience in me tagging along while working the ranch, training new puppies he had bred. 

As a young adult, in the early 80’s, while mourning the loss of RA winning Toy Group 3 with Papillon, Emilseveral loved ones, I returned to the dogs by filling my free hours with competitive obedience. After finding the Papillon breed, I knew I had found my life’s work and the passion.  I have bred BIS BISS and champion Papillons with agility and obedience titles under the name of Envy, I have bred in co-ownership using a joint name of En-La, and now have the pride of breeding and showing using the kennel name of Forevr with my husband Danny R Ford II formerly Lyndylore Papillons.  Together as Forevr on a limited kennel budget we have produced some pretty nice dogs including Specialty winners, Group Winners, Best In Show Winners, we are one of the 9 breeders to have bred a Papillon who placed in the group at Westminster.  One of my biggest achievements has been breedingRuth Ann & Danny, 1998, with first co-bred puppy. performance, tracking, herding dogs trained by others with multi titles and dogs who have won not only in the USA, but also in more than one country around the world.  I find the level of achievement of producing not only pretty conformation dogs but multi rounded Papillons with titles at both ends to have been one of the most rewarding things in my lifetime in the sport of dogs. I plan to bring my knowledge of breeding beautiful sound healthy dogs to our imported Russian Toys, most are imported top show breeder in the "Mother Country" of the breeds origin.

I have always looked for another toy size breed which would complement our experiences with the Papillons.  In 2005 I found the Russian Toy Dog and I was smitten.  I now have a new life passion in the RT’s. I just adore my little Russian Companions and we breed using the name Navsegda which means forever in Russian.  These dogs are great companions, Ruth Ann winning with Russian import, Kiraand daily they make me laugh, and brighten my day.   It has been a journey of learning, importing, and working towards getting the Russian Toys recognized with the AKC. Currently I hold the office of Secretary for the Russian Toy Club of America.  This position in a founding breeding club is a labor of love and I have enjoyed most every moment of it.  As the saying goes, it is not the journey but the destination,  I will be following this path for a number of years to see where the adventure takes me...

Dog and Club Experience

  • Founding board member of Alamo Papillon Society in Texas.
  • Founding board member of Three Rivers Papillon Club in Pennsylvania.
  • Founding board member of Texas Responsible Pet Owners Alliance. 
  • Former director Texas Chihuahua Club.
  • Former member Bexar County Kennel Club.
  • 1993 National Specialty Show Chair.
  • 1994 Pap Talk Regional Columnist.
  • 1995 PCA Golden Butterfly.
  • 1996 Breeder of the 24th American Best In Show Papillon.
  • 2004 The Breeder of the first American Bred Swedish Champion Papillon.
  • 2004 Breeder of the first American Bred Columbian CH, FCI International AM/Can Champion and multiple Best in Show Winner.
  • PCA National Guidance Committee 2000 – 2007, 2009. PCA National Specialty Guidelines Co-contributor.
  • Published author of articles about Papillons.
  • National Specialty Webmaster 2002, 2008, & 2010 National Web Designer.
  • 2010 National Shopping Cart Webmaster.
  • Active PCA Judges Mentor from 2004 – 2010.
  • 2009 PCA Judges Education Slide Show Co-Producer.
  • 2009 Sweepstakes Judge PCA NE Regional.
  • 2010 Breeder of the first Papillon Grand Champion.
  • Mentorship provided to many new fanciers.
  • Owner of Papillon-edu email and FB group 2002 – present. Owner Papillon-fancy 2007 – present, Former Owner PapWorld group, Co-Owner Pap-Judging group.
  • Danny Ford, my husband, PCA Honorary Life Member, 2004 - 2005PCA Director, 2007 PCA National Specialty Sweepstakes Judge.


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