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AKC Standard

At this time there is not an approved AKC Standard.

A version of an American Russian Toy Club Proposed standard

 Russian Toy Club of America Proposed Standard

(Standard Not Being Used.)

General Appearance

This is small, elegant, lively, and well-balanced toy dog with long legs, fine bone and lean of muscle. They are seen in both smooth and long coat varieties. There is little visible discrimination between sexes.

Size, Proportion, Weight

·        Size- Height at withers ideally 8 ½ inches – 10 ½ inches.

·        Disqualification- over 11 1/2 inches.

·        Proportion- Appearance of a square build.

·        Weight- Up to 6 ½ pounds.


The head is slightly rounded and small in proportion to the body. Pigment of eye rims, lips and nose match.

·        Expression- Alert

·        Eyes – Quite large, full, round, but not protruding, balanced, set well apart, and looking straight forward- luminous dark or luminous ruby. Eye rims may be dark or matching the coat color. Serious fault- A difference in the color of the iris in the two eyes, or two different colors within one iris.

·        Ears- Large, long and tapered of fine leather, set high, and erect. In long coat specimens, ears may be tipped or dropped due to weight of fringe.  Serious faults- tipped or dropped in a smooth coat variety; one up and one down.

·        Skull- High but not wide. Width does not exceed the depth of the skull.  Clearly defined stop, beginning at the corner of the eye.

·        Muzzle- Muzzle is fine, thinner than the head, tapering to the nose. The length of the muzzle from the tip of the nose to stop is approximately one-third the length of the head from tip of nose to back of the skull.

·        Nose- Small, may be dark or matching the coat color. Exception- pale yellow must be black.

·        Lips-Thin, lean and tight-fitting, may be dark or matching the coat color. Tongue must not be visible when jaws are closed.

·        Bite- Scissors bite. Absence of two lateral incisors in each jaw is permissible. Other teeth are not into consideration.

Neck, Topline, and Body

·        Neck- Long, lean, carried high and slightly arched.

·        Topline- Straight and sloping gently from withers to loin with slight rounding of croup

·        Body- The chest is oval, sufficiently deep and not too wide.  The loin is short and slightly arched. The belly is tucked with drawn up flanks, forming a nicely curved line from the chest to the flanks.

·        Tail- Docked (only two or three vertebrae are left) or Natural. The docked tail should be carried high.  The natural tail is sickle.


Thin and lean. The front legs are straight and parallel with strong pasterns.  The elbows are in line with the body close to the brisket.

·        Shoulders- The shoulders are of moderate length and not overly angulated.

·        Feet- Well-knit hare foot, neither turning in nor out. Nails and pad are dark or matching the coat color. Dew claws may be removed.


Lean and well angulated. Seen from the rear, the hind legs are straight and parallel, but standing slightly wider than the forelegs. The hind legs are lean with well-developed muscle.

·        Feet- Well-knit hare foot, slightly narrower than the forefeet. Nails and pads are dark or matching the coat color. Dew claws removed.


·        Smooth Coat- Short, smooth, close-lying, shiny hair without areas of baldness.

·        Long Coat- The long coat is more of a feathered variety.  Moderate length of coat on the body, straight or slightly wavy, close-lying, which does not hide the natural outline of the body. Body coat should never look tousled nor too short (less than ½ inch).  The coat on the skull and front of limbs is short and close-lying.  There are distinct feathers on the rear side of the limbs. The feet have silky hair. The ears are covered with hair forming a fringe.


·        All colors allowed- Exceptions- Parti, merle, brindle, and white.

·        A few white hairs on the chest are permissible.

Should move effortlessly, with good reach in front equal to the drive from the rear. From the rear, the hocks remain parallel to each other, and the foot fall of the rear legs follows directly behind that of the forelegs. The legs, both front and rear, will tend to converge slightly toward a central line of gravity as speed increases. The side view shows good drive in the rear and plenty of reach in the front, with head carried high. The topline should remain firm and the backline level as the dog moves. No noticeable change in the topline when moving.


Active, very cheerful, neither cowardly nor aggressive.


  • Any dog over 111/2 inches
  • Dogs the color of brindle, merle, parti, or white

Recognized Colors

  • Black & Tan – Glossy black with clearly defined tan markings on the cheeks, lips, lower jaw, throat, chest, and twin pips over both eyes.
  • Brown & Tan – Any brown, from a light brown to a deep chocolate brown, with clearly defined tan markings on the cheeks, lips, lower jaw, throat, chest, and twin pips over both eyes.
  • Blue & Tan – Any shade of blue, from pale blue silver to rich gunmetal blue, with clearly defined tan markings on the cheeks, lips, lower jaw, throat, chest, and twin pips over both eyes.
  • Red - Any shade of Red, ranging from pale fawn to the deepest red mahogany.
  • Sable – Any shade of allowable red with a black overlay.
  • Brown Sable – Any allowable shade of red with a brown overlay.


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