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Scarlett King can be reached by email. 

email: rtdlover @ yahoo.com (please remove the spaces on both sides of  @ before sending.)

Ruth Ann & Danny Ford can be reached by email.

email: email: navsegda @ showpaps.com (please remove the spaces on both sides of  @ before sending.)


After we receive your email we will reply with information and ask you when a good time is to chat about the dogs.

  If you are interested in a Russian Toy from Highfield or Navsegda when you email one of the breeders please be sure to add information about yourself, your address, phone number and email address.
If you are contacting us about wanting to purchase a Russian Toy there are several items we are going to want to know.
  1. Tell us if you are looking for a puppy or an adult Russian Toy.
  2. Your preference of coat types; Long Coat or Smooth Coat.
  3. What sex of dog you would prefer to purchase.
  4. Are you wanting a dog for, Conformation Exhibition, If you have any experience showing dogs.
  5. Or do you want a companion pet or a performance potential dogs. (The pet and performance dogs will be sold with the agreement of the dog will never be bred and it will castrated)
  6. Please briefly tell us why you are inquiring with us and if you are already on a Russian Toy waiting list from another R.T. breeder.
  7. Are you willing to place a deposit to be on a preferential waiting list.

Your email is important to us and the information you send us is specifically to help us with a puppy good match for you or your family.  Scarlett at Highfield and Ruth Ann at Navsegda will accommodate your wish list, if  at all possible. We will never sell your email address, however occasionally, we might forward  the information you provide by email  to another Russian Toy  Dog Breeder, if we do not have any dogs or dogs coming available for purchase.

(Please Note: By sending us an email doesn't mean we have dogs available for sale, or if we have the exact sex, color and coat type you are looking for.  )

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