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AKC Breeder of Merit for Papillon

 Highfield and  Navsegda Russian Toys has gone to great lengths to import the very best of Russian Champion Pedigreed dogs. Today, in the USA, there are probably only about 6 serious active breeders continuing to develop and promote the Russian Toy.  Which means a Russian Toy Puppy is a bit rare and hard to come by. Or people can opt to purchase a Russian Toy from European Breeder but that can take considerable time and resources to find a breeder, find a puppy for sale, correspond in their language, wire funds and then find a way to get the dog from them, or worry your puppy will safely arrive from an international trip.

Navsegda is located in South Central Texas not too far from major Texas cities, San Antonio and Austin.

Highfield is located in Northern Alabama, a short drive from Birmingham, Nashville, and a day trip to Atlanta.

At the time of 1 week old Russian Toy breeding any of our dogs, to the best of our knowledge,  are healthy Russian Toys.  A puppy from Navsegda is nurtured and 3 week old Russian Toyhand raised in our home.  The puppies are picked up and handled from the very first day of life. We give them many hugs, kisses, blow little raspberries on their tummies.  Touching their tails feet, ears and toes prepare our wee little Russians for a life time of being social living with the people who will become their Forevr iz Navsegda family.  As soon as the our little kids are able to stand we find different surfaces for them to stand on, such as carpet, kitchen4 weeks old Russian Toy floor, on the bed and couch.  As each puppy dog show signs of wanting to play we introduce them to soft squeak toys and furry animals.  Once the puppies start getting their teeth they get the best of diets handmade by us daily.

At around 4 to 5 weeks of age the Navsegda puppy and their mother are moved from our bedroom to a 3 x 3 raised pen located in a more social part of our home.  In their pen there is a soft bed, hospital pads and a litter box with compressed 5 week old Russian Toypine bedding, toys, chewies, food and water.  Providing the puppies with a hospital pads and litter box helps with housetraining techniques later on. 

Puppies generally get their first puppy shot around 8 weeks of age.  The 2nd shot is about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks later.  A normal size healthy Navsegda puppy will be ready for purchase at around 12 weeks of age and two DHPP2V vaccinations. 

Litters of Russian Toy Terriers, RTT, are on the average of 1 to 3 puppies.  Litters of four or more pups is considered to be a large litter. 

If you decided a Russian toy is the dog for you,  it might be a good idea to research the breeders closest to you, select a breeder and stay in contact with them. Make an offer to place a deposit to hold a puppy for you. The average price for a deposit would be $500.00  Deposits to hold a dog are non-refundable.

Be specific if you are looking for a companion to love and be your house buddy or if you are interested in showing a dog in performance like agility and obedience. Or, if conformation exhibition is what you may seek.  Most Russian Toys will probably not be advertised for a cheap price. Cost could range from $1,600.00 USD for an older puppy or a retired adult to $4,500 for an exceptional quality breeding and show quality dog. Navsegda accepts payment by PayPal, credit card through Paypal payment, wire tranfer to our bank and all puppies picked up we request cash payment.

Not only are our dogs AKC registered, some of our dogs are dual registered with (UKC), United Kennel Club, (FCI), FédérationCynologique Internationale, or the Russian Kennel Club.

Get in touch with a Russian Toy Club.  Consider joining the club as an associate member, it is the best way to learn about the breed and meet a breeder that is just right for you.  We belong to the Russian Toy Club of America, Inc.  The R.T.C.A. membership includes some very experienced toy breeders and exhibitors.  They know how to raise healthy happy toy size puppies.  Make sure you find the right group.  There is another group with a very similar name except the word "dog" is used in the name. We are not implying they are bad, it is just not the National group we belong too.  No matter what others may falsely claim, RTCA, is the first club recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). This is why if you go to the AKC Russian Toy Dog page we are listed first under the Eligible Registries and Contacts header.  http://www.akc.org/breeds/russian_toy/index.cfm Visit the Russian Toy club at this link:  http://www.russiantoyclub.org 

After you completely research the Russian Toy and decide you would like to contact Navsegda Russian Toys you can find our contact information located on this sites contact page.  http://russiantoydogs.com/contact.htm  After contacting us we will privately give you a list and pictures of Russian Toys we may be offering for sale. Or if we know of other reputable breeders who may have what you are looking for, we can offer you a referral to them.

Also contact the Russian Toy Club of America Breeder Referral, The email address is located on the white business card above.

*Puppies For You

For Sale, "Rodney", Navsegda Rodnick DOB is 08/12/13 is first generation American Bred.  His sire is a Russian Champion and has 9 points towards his AKC Certificate of Merit.  The dam, I imported as a puppy.  She broke her leg about 14 weeks and it did not heal well, so she never made it to the ring.
Rodney's head type is really pretty for a Russian Toy, lovely dark eyes and pigment, round head with a nice stop.  He also has fairly large ears, which I am keeping taped because they are going up and down.  I leave them taped up about 5 days and then when the tape come off I let him alone until they start to show some signs of being soft and then back in tape he goes.  This is not an uncommon practice for this breed.
He is a sweet sweet boy, litter box trained, and table trained.
The knees are good on both parents and I need to have eyes done but do not expect to find any problems.  Really the Russians (as in the people) have few health concerns with the breed.

Interested? Contact Ruth Ann & Danny Ford


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And as always... If you have any questions about the Russian Toys, you have searched and can not find the answer, contact us.  We will do our best to provide you with good accurate information. * Navsegda and Highfield are not internet retailers. All dogs or puppies at the time purchased must be picked up from the breeder or breeders representative.
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